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javascript calculators

1 of 4 // Dow Home, Institutional, and Personal Solutions: Neutralization Calculator - Link

2 of 4 // Dow AgroSciences: Omega-9 Oils Healthier Frying Calculator (responsive) - Link

3 of 4 // Dow Water & Process Solutions: Resin Exchange Calculator - Link

4 of 4 // Dow Building Solutions: FROTH-PAK Ultra Calculator (responsive) - Link

codepen experiments (external)

people and product finders

1 of 2 // Dow AgroSciences: PhytoGen Team Finder - Link

2 of 2 // Dow AgroSciences: Product Finder (Polska) - Link


give2givehope redesign

1 of 3 // Give2GiveHope is a charity that sponsors children in Honduras. I redesigned their existing website to make it both more modern and responsive.

2 of 3 // I took several pages and merged them together to cut down on page count. For this one I created a modal instead of having additional information pop up in separate windows.

3 of 3 // The entire website was designed to be responsive.

writorical brand identity

1 of 6 // The Writorical brand identity ties together an illustrative mark with typography that represents the thinks and thins of calligraphic writing.

2 of 6 // The brand for Writorical can be used across a wide range of products, including gift sets, pen sleeves, notebooks, and storage tins.

3 of 6 // The brand for Writorical can be used across a wide range of products, including gift sets, pen sleeves, notebooks, and storage tins.

4 of 6 // Writorical's website is small and informational, letting potential customers know facts like where the shop is located and what products are sold.

5 of 6 // The overall feel of the website is very literary to bring a handwritten feel to the very digital world of the world wide web.


6 of 6 // A brand identity manual for Writorical was developed to help future designers say within the guidelines of the brand.

good choices campaign

1 of 7 // Good Choices – Debunker
The Debunker is an interactive quiz disguised as a chat program. Students answer questions about drinking, sex, and drug use on campus, then their answers are compared to the actual statistics.

2 of 7 // Good Choices – Debunker – Icon Set
Aside from building the code side of the Debunker, I also created the icon set using the colors of the existing campaign to create different personas so students can choose their own avatar for the quiz.

3 of 7 // Good Choices – The Dealer
Most of our items were made to promote safety, but we can't really tell students "Go ahead and do drugs, but be safe about it :D". Studies showed most students did drugs because they were bored, so we created a card game.

4 of 7 // Good Choices – Drunk Dialer card
The Drunk Dialer card has the phone numbers of the cab companies in Big Rapids, along with info about the university's own SafeRide shuttle system. We wanted students to know having fun is okay, as long as they get home safely.

5 of 7 // Good Choices – Condom Packaging
Most students were too embarassed to take a condom during the counseling center's presentations, so we added a touch of humor in hopes of reducing self-consciousness and promoting safer sex.

6 of 7 // Good Choices – Window Clings
A set of window clings carrying the phrases on our giveaway items were printed to be hung around campus to promote Good Choices.

7 of 7 // Good Choices - Stickers
We created stickers that takes the same phrases as the window clings, but with more personal wording so students as individuals and show that they make Good Choices.

about me

about me

About Me

My name is Larissa Field, and I'm a graphic designer and front-end web developer. I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Ferris State University (Class of 2011 represent!). While there I focused my designs mostly on the web, and have since pushed that towards development. Outside of work, I enjoy gaming, drawing, reading, and pestering my fluffy cat.


Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design
College of Business
Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI



HTML, CSS, JavaScript


jQuery, jQuery UI, Require, Backbone

Design Programs:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, InDesign


Visual Studio, PhpStorm, SublimeText


Source Control:

Git, TFS

Task Runners:

Gulp, Grunt

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